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BiblioFiles Column

The Williamson County Sun publishes a column about the library every other Wednesday in the Life section. The column began in March 2018 and has been written by Dana Hendrix, fine arts librarian, and Joyce May, library assistant.

The Sun has graciously allowed us to archive the column on our website.

2019 Bibliofiles columns

3-20-19 Make yourself at home at the library
3-6-19 Library leads city’s arts and culture programs
2-20-19 Library will accept exhibit proposals, co-sponsors events with Southwestern
2-6-19 Check-out rule changes benefit patrons
1-23-19 Flamethrower creates next exhibit
1-9-19 Share your art, collectibles with the library

2018 BiblioFiles columns

12-26-18 Library opens new year with Cello Fest
12-12-18 Find your place in history at the library
11-28-18 Library full of holiday fun next month
11-14-18 City readies for next outdoor Sculpture Tour
10-31-18 Three exhibits on tap at the library
10-17-18 Inversion Ensemble to perform in Live Music at the Library
10-3-18 Art Hop exhibit; Halloween is spooky fun for kids and adults
9-19-18 Library helps get out the vote
8-8-18 Kids pack a lot of fun into summer at library
7-25-18 History shows Georgetown is well read
7-11-18 Dedicated space welcomes teens
6-27-18 Murals, sculptures and grants–oh my!
6-13-18 Breaking up doesn’t have to be hard to do
5-30-18 Libraries rock for adults, too
5-16-18 Summer full of fun at library
5-2-18 Adults have more fun than just reading a book at the library
4-4-18 Art fills library through spring, summer
3-21-18 Library abuzz with activities for everyone
3-7-18 Georgetown library makes finals for prestigious national award