BiblioFiles Column

The Williamson County Sun publishes a column about the library every other Wednesday in the Life section. The column began in March 2018.

The Sun has graciously allowed us to archive the column on our website.

2021 BiblioFiles columns

7-25-21 It’s All Very Puzzling
7-11-21 Art exhibits, kittens, and adult summer reading program
6-27-21 Sally Bernier retires from library staff after more than 20 years 
06-13-21 Art reception this weekend kicks off summer of exhibits and events
06-02-21 Library boasts new teen librarian
05-16-21 Library Relaunches Interlibrary Loan
05-2-21 Library accepting exhibit proposals
04-04-21 Spring refresh for art shows
03-21-21 Q&A with new library director Sally Miculek
03-7-21 Library to reopen, events remain virtual
02-07-21 Library rolls along with old, new employees
01-20-21 Car parade to mark library director Lashley’s retirement
01-06-21 Farewell to Lashley

2020 BiblioFiles columns

12-27-20 Library exhibits available with virtual viewing
12-09-20 Friends adapting activities, raising funds
12-02-12 Library, patrons adapt to changes
11-11-20 Library offers variety of virtual programming
11-01-20 Georgetown Public Library offers exhibits, local history programming
10-14-20 Library friends launch fund raiser next week
09-30-20 Creator of ‘gratitude rocks’ revealed
09-16-20 Genealogy programs at library
09-06-20 Library has special books for caregivers
08-19-20 Panelists to review readings, discuss racism
08-05-21 Adult Summer Reading; two librarians depart for new adventures
07-22-20 Library installs 2 new exhibits, adjusts hours
07-08-20 Library hosts community conversation on racism
06-24-20 Answers to frequent library questions
06-10-20 Reading expands understanding of racist culture
05-27-20 Library makes changes to maximize safety
05-13-20 Library extends, reschedules art exhibits
04-29-20 Library considers opening options
04-15-20 Staff make special deliveries thanks to new van
04-1-20 Staff stays busy while city stays home
03-18-20 Census will help your family trace its roots
03-4-2020 Library is full of fun for all during spring break
02-19-20 New art exhibit features work by GISD students
02-5-20 Audiobooks can make story more personal
01-22-20 Stuffed animals sleepover
01-08-20 Library announces events for 2020

2019 BiblioFiles columns

12-25-19 Plan your reading list for 2020
12-11-19 Santa sightings reported at library decked out for the holidays
11-27-19 Library thankful for volunteers
11-13-19 Chamber ensemble features SU music professor
10-30-19 Library focuses on health
10-16-19 Playshops let families, toddlers learn about early literacy
10-2-19 Save, share your legacy at Genealogy Jamboree
9-18-19 New programs begin after busy summer
9-4-19 Libraries welcome everyone
08-21-19 Photos, watercolors, sculptures fill library into next month
08-07-19 Check out kittens, adopt one to take home
07-24-19 Annual sculpture tour brings artwork, life and love to library
07-10-19 Exhibits feature sculptors, watercolorists, photographers
06-26-19 No question too silly for librarians
06-12-19 Art abounds around the library throughout June
05-29-19 Summer reading programs start for everyone
05-15-19 Contest brings out the poets, library can inspire you, too
05-01-19 Exhibit proposals due May 15
04-17-19 Try your hand at poetry this month
04-03-19 Library programs draw standing-room-only crowds
3-20-19 Make yourself at home at the library
3-6-19 Library leads city’s arts and culture programs
2-20-19 Library will accept exhibit proposals, co-sponsors events with Southwestern
2-6-19 Check-out rule changes benefit patrons
1-23-19 Flamethrower creates next exhibit
1-9-19 Share your art, collectibles with the library

2018 BiblioFiles columns

12-26-18 Library opens new year with Cello Fest
12-12-18 Find your place in history at the library
11-28-18 Library full of holiday fun next month
11-14-18 City readies for next outdoor Sculpture Tour
10-31-18 Three exhibits on tap at the library
10-17-18 Inversion Ensemble to perform in Live Music at the Library
10-3-18 Art Hop exhibit; Halloween is spooky fun for kids and adults
9-19-18 Library helps get out the vote
8-22-18 Live art demos at the library may spark creative fire
8-8-18 Kids pack a lot of fun into summer at library
7-25-18 History shows Georgetown is well read
7-11-18 Dedicated space welcomes teens
6-27-18 Murals, sculptures and grants–oh my!
6-13-18 Breaking up doesn’t have to be hard to do
5-30-18 Libraries rock for adults, too
5-16-18 Summer full of fun at library
5-2-18 Adults have more fun than just reading a book at the library
4-4-18 Art fills library through spring, summer
3-21-18 Library abuzz with activities for everyone
3-7-18 Georgetown library makes finals for prestigious national award