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Grace Heritage Center

Located at 817 S. Main Street, Grace Heritage Center is a beautiful historic building that can be rented for meetings, weddings or other special occasions. The building has capacity for up to 50 guests on pew seating.

Grace can be rented  from 7 a.m.-11 p.m., seven days a week including holidays.  Click the button below to submit a request and view availability of the chapel.

Grace Heritage Center

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PhotosHistory of Grace Heritage CenterRates & Policies

The building now known as Grace Heritage Center served the congregation of Grace Episcopal Church from 1881 until 1991.  Now in its second century of use and at its third location, as the focal point of Founders Memorial Park, it is one of many historic structures in Georgetown that has withstood the rigors of nature, growth and change in the community.

This Carpenter Gothic chapel with its Norman-style tower was built at the corner of 10th and Main Streets in 1881 for a total cost of $2,186.  It served the congregation there until 1955, when it was moved to East University Avenue to be close to Southwestern University.  In 1991, the congregation having built a new church, the Episcopal Diocese of Texas donated the building to the citizens of Georgetown.  Moved back downtown, this time to 817 Main Street, the Centers wooden structure now complements the historic square, serving as a public-use facility and location for Preservation Georgetown’s offices.

The church was rehabilitated through a unique partnership between the City of Georgetown and Preservation Georgetown (at the time known as The Georgetown Heritage Society), which raised funds for and supervised the restoration project.  Changes included relocation and stabilization of the building, replacement of insulation, installation of a modern heating system, addition of a central air-conditioning system, construction of office and storage areas, installation of period lighting, and the construction of the rear porch and access ramp.  The timely discovery in the State Archives of a photograph of the building at its original location revealed that the bell tower had been shortened and slightly altered in the 1955 reconstruction.  The tower has been restored to its historic height.

Points of interest in the church are the original altar and the three stained glass windows above the altar which were given in 1932 by an English couple who had been members of the congregation since the very early days. The first electric lights were installed in 1910 and fans were added in 1928.  Patches in the flooring and on the wall above the east door, plus floorboards of different widths, are the result of many changes over the years, especially in the 1928 changeover from coal to gas heating.  The original pews, fastened to the nave walls with a supporting leg on the aisle end, were redesigned to stand alone utilizing the supportive pew ends from other pews removed to make room for the office and storage areas.  There are three scissor trusses over the nave.

A winding 22-inch-wide stairwell leads to the organ loft, which was only used until 1887 when the organ was moved to the nave, and to the bell tower, the latter accessible by ladder through a 12-by-20-inch opening.  The bronze bell, which can still be rung, was installed in the tower in 1958.  Three diamond-shaped windows highlight the organ loft.  At one time these center-hinged windows, appearing in historic photos to have been colored glass, opened outward for ventilation purposes working in concert with the crank-operated casement windows located in the nave.  Church members stippled the white designs on the nave windows over the years.  The two stained glass windows on either side of the front door were given by the Logan family in the early 1980s in memory of their parents.

The Grace Heritage Center is a beautiful example of the cooperative efforts of a community preserving its architectural landmarks for adaptive re-uses.

Grace Heritage Center underwent another restoration in 2017.

Historical information provided by: Preservation Georgetown

Rental Rates & Facility Information

Grace Heritage Center may be rented from 7 a.m.-11 p.m. seven days a week, including holidays. Tours of GHC for rental purposes are available by appointment only Monday-Thursday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Please email to schedule a tour. To submit a rental request online, please click here.

Rental Rates

GHC provides seating for up to 50 guests

Elopements, Vow Renewals & Mini Weddings
2 hour minimum rental required
(see breakdown below)
Classic Wedding Ceremony
All day rental
7 am-11 pm (see breakdown below)
Commercial, Political & Non-resident use
2 hour minimum required
Non-profit/ Community Program & Resident use 
2 hour minimum required
Reservation Fee
(non-refundable and required for weddings only)

Due at time of booking to secure your date


Due at time of booking to secure your date

Rental fee
Due 30 days prior to event
Due 30 days prior to event
$100 $20
Damages Deposit
(refundable and required for weddings only)

Due 30 days prior to event


Due 30 days prior to event
Wedding Rehearsal (optional) $100/hr $100/hr X X
Wedding Photography Session (optional) $100/hr $100/hr X X
Additional time *Not applicable to Classic Wedding rentals $100/hr X $50/hr $10/hr
Minimum total price $400 $1,000 $100 $20


It is the renters responsibility to make payments on time. City staff will not remind the renter when payments are due. Failure to submit payments on time could result in the cancellation of your reservation. Payments made by check should be made out to the City of Georgetown. Please include the reservation date in the memo line of your check. The City of Georgetown does not accept payments over the phone.

Weddings, elopements, and vow renewals only:

  • Reservation fee: Due at time of booking.
  • Rental fee: Due 30 days prior to reservation.
  • Deposit: Due 30 days prior to reservation.

*City staff will inspect the facility following each event. If all GHC policies are met, including building condition and rental agreement times, the deposit will be refunded within 30 days of the reservation date.

All other meetings:

  • Rental fee: Due no later than 5 p.m. one business day prior to reservation date.

Payments can be submitted through the mail (with a check) or in person (with cash, check or credit card-except American Express) at the following address:

Georgetown Public Library
Attn: Grace Heritage Center
402 W. 8th St.
Georgetown, TX 78626

Facility Information

  • GHC is located at 817 South Main Street, Georgetown, Texas 78626.
  • Ring our bell! We encourage you to ring the historic bell, just inside the left entry door to GHC.
  • GHC provides pew seating for up to 50 guests. Due to the historic nature of GHC, moving or re-arranging the pews is prohibited.
  • Public restrooms are located behind GHC, accessible via the sidewalk or wheelchair ramp just outside GHCs back door.
  • There is no kitchen or running water available in GHC.
  • GHC is equipped with central heat and air and the thermostat is preset.
  • Renters may utilize the Citys equipment at no extra charge. Notify staff at time of booking if you need the following equipment: TV on rolling cart w/ HDMI cable, laptop, stereo system or tables.
  • Renters may not have access to the balcony or office (on the right side on GHCs main aisle).
  • The office located on the left side of the aisle will be available to use as a staging area for brides, presenters, etc.

Rental Policies

  1. GHC is a self-service facility, there are no on-site staff members to assist during your reservation. In case of a facility emergency (regarding access, air conditioning/heat, or power outage issues), please call Georgetown Public Librarys main line at 512-930-3551. Library staff will dispatch the on-call facilities person to GHC.
  2. Rental rates and minimum time requirements are determined by the City of Georgetown and are non-negotiable.
  3. Reservations are made on a first come, first serve basis up to one year in advance for weddings and up to 6 months in advance for all other meetings.
  4. Access: Renters must pick-up a badge from the library no later than 5 p.m. on the business day prior to reservation. You will also receive a code from the Administrative Assistant in order to manually keep the doors to GHC unlocked during your reservation. The badge should be placed in the open office before exiting the building at the end of your reservation.
  5. The City of Georgetown reserves the right to reschedule or cancel any meeting, for any reason. City staff will notify the reservations representative of cancellation as soon as possible and will make arrangements to reschedule the meeting or refund the rental fee. Refunds will be returned to renter no later than 30 days past the reservation date.
  6. Rental fees are due prior to the reservation date, based on the schedule provided on the Rental Rates & Facility Information page. Groups/individuals who cancel a regular reservation less than 24 hours in advance are responsible for paying the full rental fee. Wedding renters must give at least 30 days notice of cancellation, or pay the full fee. Only the $100 deposit is refundable if paid in advance. All other wedding fees paid to the City of Georgetown are non-refundable.
  7. Facility must be returned to its original condition before the end of the rental period.
  8. Set-up and clean-up must take place during the reservation period. Accessing the building outside of your reservation period will result in the loss of your deposit, if applicable, or you will be billed for the additional time.
  9. No person/organization may rent GHC more than twice per month.
  10. Refunds: Upon return of the badge and examination of the building, your deposit will be refunded less any damages or clean-up charges. The refund will be processed via check within 30 days of the reservation date. Applicable only to wedding related events.
  11. All lights and fans must be turned off before the end of reservation (switches are located on the right wall upon entry of GHC and on the left side of altar).
  12. Food and drink are permitted in GHC, including alcohol. Renter is responsible for ensuring only persons 21 and older have access to the adult beverages. Renter is responsible for cleaning up any spills and removing all food/drink items from the building before end of reservation, including removing trash from the building. The dumpster is located in the public parking lot across from GHC.
  13. GHC is a historical building, moving/re-arranging the pews is prohibited.
  14. Decorations for events may not be affixed to the walls or pews of GHC. Doing so will result in loss of the security deposit and the renter will be responsible for any additional charges incurred to fix the damage. Free-standing decorations are permitted inside GHC. Drip trays must be used for any live plants.
  15. In the event that a renter does not follow rental procedures, including but not limited to damages and clean-up, the renter will be denied future rentals.
  16. Printed or digital advertisements for meetings and events held at GHC must include the following disclaimer, “This event is not affiliated with or sponsored by the City of Georgetown.” The disclaimer must be clearly displayed on all advertisements, and no smaller than font size 10.
  17. Equipment tutorials will be provided upon request. Contact the Librarys Administrative Assistant to schedule a tutorial.
  18. The City of Georgetown is not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen items.
  19. The City of Georgetown prohibits the use of candles, unity candles, fireworks, sparklers or flame of any kind. This includes the exterior of the building. Confetti, bird seed, and rice are also prohibited. Rose petals are permitted if removed prior to end of reservation.
  20. Damages to the facility in excess of $100 (Security Deposit) are the renters responsibility and must be paid within 30 days of notification.
  21. Smoking is not allowed in the building or within 15 feet of any entrance to the building.
  22. Animals are not allowed in the building, with the exception of service animals.
  23. Renters are responsible for informing their guests/attendees of all policies.
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