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Art Exhibits at the Library

2016_bestofgeorgetown_viewart_silverThe Georgetown Public Library hosts monthly art exhibits that are accessible all the hours that the library is open. Each year from 2014-2017 the library has received the Silver award for “Best Place to View Art” in the Best of Georgetown Awards.

Exhibits feature work by local individual artists and by local arts groups. The library welcomes proposals for future exhibits during each year’s open call; details are below under Exhibiting Your Work in the Library.

The library also displays works of art that have been purchased by the City of Georgetown, and is a City Sculpture Tour location.

For more information about art in Georgetown, visit the City of Georgetown Arts & Culture website.

Current and Upcoming Art Exhibits

Exhibiting Your Work in the Library

Art-Hop-Library-Wall1-300x162-c96655e77cb37d7f3e1160a970c8dd8088b349b5The library highly values artists and their work. During each year’s open call, artists and organizations are invited to submit proposals for the next year’s exhibits. Proposals will be accepted March 1-May 15, 2018 for exhibits in 2019.

Before submitting a proposal, please look over these documents:

And then submit a proposal in one of two ways: online or by mail.

  • Online: You can submit a proposal and easily upload your images on the web using Submittable. Beginning on March 1, you will be able to create a free Submittable account in order to submit your proposal. You can read more about Submittable here.
  • By mail: Download and print the form and mail it with printed images. The form will be downloadable here on March 1 and must be received in the library by May 15. Original artwork will not be accepted.

Proposals for art exhibits in the Georgetown Public Library require the same information whether they are submitted online or on paper:

  • Proposed exhibit title
  • Description of proposed exhibit
  • Exhibit sizes you would consider (5-10 works of art, 25-30 works of art, and 50-60 works of art)
  • Up to six images of your work
  • The URL to your website (optional)
  • A description of your artwork in general
  • A little about your art background, with the option to upload a resume
  • Your availability to install and remove an exhibit in 2019

Questions? You may wish to attend the Library Art Exhibits Q&A on March 1 from 4-5:30 in the Classroom. This is an informal session for potential exhibitors who want to learn how to submit a proposal for a 2019 exhibit in the library. Creating an account on Submittable will be covered.

Calendar Year 2018*
Call for Entries March 1-May 15, 2017
Applicants Notified June 1, 2017

Calendar Year 2019*
Call for Entries March 1-May 15, 2018
Applicants Notified June 1, 2018

*Proposals that are not selected may be considered in the case of cancellations.

Feel free to contact Dana Hendrix, Fine Arts Librarian, at or 512-930-3624 with questions.


Past Art Exhibits in the Library

Click here to view notes about past 2017 art exhibits in the library.

Click here to view notes about art exhibits before 2017.


July: Capitol Art Society

May/June: Waterloo Watercolor Group

May: Georgetown Independent School District Annual Student Art Exhibit

April: Sun City Visual Arts Club

March: Central Texas Pastel Society

February: Burton Anes Photography

January: Wes Odell Photography


December: Beyond Wax: Encaustic Art by Carolyn Todd, Barra Gustafson, and NJ Weaver

November: Julie Arnold “It’s Wild!!!”

October: Art Hop 2015

September: Williamson County Art Guild

August: Christy Hullum “The Invisible World: Infrared Photography”

June-Sept: Texas Society of Sculptors’ Summer Show

June-July: 2015 Teen Art Show

May-June: 2015 Alice Stultz

May 2015: GISD Art Show

April 2015: Sun City Photography Club

March 2015: Sun City Large Paintings Group

February 2015: The Art of Thomas Gutzke: A Deck of Animals, Deities, & Monsters

January 2015 : Waterloo Watercolor Group

December — Burton Anes, Photographer

November — Central Texas Pastel Society

During November the Central Texas Pastel Society will fill both of the library’s galleries with the work of its members. The primary purpose of the Pastel Society is to raise awareness of pastel as a medium and to offer learning opportunities for its members. The group has been in existence since 1997. They meet the third Saturday of each month at the Georgetown Public Library, from 9:30 until noon, and have shown their art in the library galleries a number of times in the past. It is always interesting to see what new boundaries the artists are pushing with their medium.

October 2014 — Art Hop!

The Georgetown Public Library is one of four venues where the entries in Georgetown Art Works annual Art Hop competition will be shown. This year their statewide call for entries produced responses from 281 artists from 57 locations in Texas—a total of 659 works were submitted, from which 206 were selected. These pieces will be on display throughout October at the following downtown locations: the library, the Georgetown Art Center, Cianfrani’s, and Artisans Connect. Do the tour on foot! Try out the beautiful new sidewalk on the south side of 8th Street, between Austin Avenue and Rock Street. Winners in four categories and best in show, all of which bear handsome cash prizes, will be announced at the artists reception on Saturday, October 11, from 3 to 5 p.m., at the Georgetown Art Center.

September 2014 — Williamson County Art Guild

The art in the library galleries during September is the work of various members of the Williamson County Art Guild (WCAG). A reception for the artists, which is open to the public,will take place on Sunday, September 14, from 2-4 p.m. on the bridge. Come to meet the artists and learn more about the WCAG. Since 1976, the organization has been promoting art education and art events in our community by sharing the members’ art, knowledge, and enthusiasm. Monthly meetings take place at the library, the first Tuesday of the month, and include programs presented by accomplished artists. Membership is open to anyone who is interested in art.

August 2014 — Shari Anderson’s Photography

During August our second floor galleries will be filled with the work of Shari Anderson, who is known professionally as Harkin Gallery and Capture the Moment Photography. Shari’s career began when she was struggling as a single mom who had no particular job skills. She decided she needed to go to college and with the help of some counseling, chose to focus on photography.  While she was still in school she began getting commissions and soon her business was off and running. She hasn’t slowed down since then.

Her photographs run the gamut from fine art to those all-important portraits of high school graduates and brand new babies. She has a quirky eye and often captures her subjects at moments that appear to be unexpected, but are so expressive that they had to be planned. The public is invited to meet the artist at a reception on Sunday, August 10, from 2-4 p.m. on the bridge.

Texas Society of Sculptors Awards Prizes for 2014 Summer Show

Kris Whitfield, President of the Round Rock Arts Council, was the judge for the Texas Society of Sculptors summer show at the library. She announced her choices Sunday, July 20 at a reception for the artists, saying she’d visited the show three times before making her decisions. Her thoughts were affected by the way she saw people looking at and responding to various pieces in the show. Click here to see photos of all of the prize-winning pieces.

01-ragan-bob-seacandy_1st place w
Seacandy by Bob Ragan

First place went to Seacandy by Bob Ragan. Whitfield said, “The waves make such great movement in this piece. It looks as though the waves and sea bubbles have pushed the sea shell to the very top. I love how the limestone shows the details so well. This is a great medium to carve. Wonderful job! I love all three (of Ragan’s) pieces but the size and detail of this one really is spectacular.”

Second place went to The Thinker by Marika Bordes.  Of this piece Whitfield said, “The tipping of the hat and the expression on the face makes him look deep in thought. I love the elongated neck and arms which is such a contrast to Rodin’s “The Thinker.”

Mary Thrasher Griffin’s piece, Dance Class, won third place. Whitfield’s comment was, “This is a fun piece and I especially love the movement of the dancers in the piece. They almost look like they could be dancing in puddles of water. I witnessed several people moving around the piece as they would look at it from varying angles as if to observe what each individual dancer’s movement was.”

Three pieces received honorable mention. Bend Down Boutique, a humorous piece by Akirash Akindiya, is a collection of eight pieces of feminine fashion created from found materials. Whitfield said “I love the use of recycled objects. These pieces remind me of being at the beach with clothes hanging out to dry. I would have loved for it to have been freely suspended and let them move in the breeze. This was very creative and fun!”

Second honorable mention went to Dar Richardson’s Just Trollin’ Along. Whitfield called it “Colorful and whimsical! He is so much fun in such an endearing but in an almost creepy way. Everyone I saw stop and look at him had a smile on their face. Some would even try to make the face like him. I should have been taking pictures. Great use of multiple materials.”

Howard E. Crunk’s pecan wood carving, Untitled No. 1 also received honorable mention. Whitfield said “The piece of wood chosen for this remarkable carving is wonderful. I love how the variations in the wood coloration appear to be war paint for the Indian. The detail of the carving is amazing. This Indian has an almost haunting look about him. Great job!”

Each year the library staff is invited to select a piece as the Librarians’ Choice. This year the staff chose another of Bob Ragan’s pieces, Frogbird.

July through September 2014 — Texas Society of Sculptors Summer Show

For the seventh year, the Texas Society of Sculptors (TSOS) big summer show is at the Georgetown Public Library. It began June 28 and runs through September 26. Twenty-nine artists are exhibiting 74 pieces of sculpture. Many of the pieces are traditional bronze or stone or wood, but this year you’ll also see some upcycled materials. Look for a clever reuse of old floppy computer disks. Norma Zoda is back with her amazing duct tape works, and Joshua Meadows uses bone as the basis of his intriguing mixed media pieces. Click here to see a sample of each artist’s work.

There are four events associated with the TSOS show.

  • The artists reception, at which the prizes for the show will be announced, takes place on July 20, 1-3 p.m., on the library’s second floor bridge. Georgetown’s Arts and Culture Board donates $1800 in prize money, which supplements the entry fees that the artists pay, so winning a prize in this show is worth it! The public is invited to this reception.
  • Sunday, July 27 at 2:00 p.m., in the Friends Room, Marika Bordes, will speak about her art and inspiration. Her huge wood sculpture of Gwaihir , a character from The Lord of the Rings, stands at the foot of the library staircase.
  • Sunday, August 3, from 1 to 3 p.m., in the Friends Room, sculptors will demonstrate wood carving, modeling in wax and clay, fused glass, ceramics, and creation of bronze sculpture.
  • September 13, stonecutter Bob Ragan will open his workshop in Florence from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. Details about this event will be available closer to the date.

June and July 2014 — Library-Sponsored Teen Art Contest

During June and July the library galleries will be used to display the entries in the library’s summer teen art contest. Entrants must be between 12 and 18 years old. Two dimensional artwork may be no larger than 11″ x 17″ and must be matted. Sculpture or other three dimensional media may be no larger than 3′ x 3′ x 3′. Three entries per person are permitted. The deadline for submission is July 3. Entry forms are available at all of the circulation desks in the library. Best in Show will win a $50 gift card from Michael’s. Winners will be announced July 14.

May 2014 — GISD Art Students

Stimulating the interest of kids in the arts is something the Georgetown school district does very well. We can be proud that all of the arts—performing, visual, and musical–remain an important part of local education. Each May the GISD art teachers bring work from their best and brightest to display in our galleries and in the lobby. The library staff loves this show because it’s so diverse and the emerging talent is amazing. The work of students from both high schools will be in the second floor galleries and work from the elementary and middle schools will be in the lobby. This show lasts only two weeks—May 3-19—because the students want to take their work home before school ends. Don’t miss this opportunity to see how our community’s support for visual arts in the schools is paying off.

April 2014 — Austin Pastel Society

If you’re coming to the Georgetown Public Library to view the Anne Frank exhibit, don’t miss the art of the members of the Austin Pastel Society that will be hanging on the bridge and in the west wing hallway during April. Expect a show as varied as an organization with 100 members can produce—many subjects and a kaleidoscope of colors.

Pastel may not be as familiar to you as paintings done in oils or acrylics. The pigments used in pastels are the same as those used to produce all colored art media, including oil paints, but they come in different forms and may be applied in different ways. The most common form for pastel is a stick (like a crayon).  The stick is made of pure powdered pigment that is held together with a binding substance. When a pastel painting is finished it usually needs to be covered with glass or sprayed with a fixative to keep it from smearing.

March 2014–Valerie Fowler, Bob Keels, Nancy Yarbrough

Valerie Fowler’s original book illustrations are hung in the west hall gallery.  They are from Ivy and the Wicker Suitcase, a book that accompanies the CD of Ivy and the Wicker Suitcase, a musical, written, produced and recorded by her husband, Brian Beattie. Valerie’s interests and accomplishments are wide-ranging. She bills herself as an artist, painter, and illustrator, and all of her work involves extreme attention to small details. In addition to illustrating books and CD covers, she won first prize for 2D work in Georgetown Art Works’ 2013 Art Hop juried competition. She teaches art classes for adults and children and has been showing her work in Austin for many years. She even spent time painting murals in Whole Foods markets in Austin, Chicago, and Ann Arbor. Plan to spend some extra time examining the detail you’ll find in the works she’s showing at the library.

On the walls of the bridge gallery we’re showing a first:  a father-daughter show. Bob Keels and Nancy Yarbrough admire each other’s work—he is a photographer and she’s a watercolorist and fused glass artist—and you’ll see a few pieces that share an inspiration. However, you also will see many works that are entirely their own. Bob travels and takes photos of what he sees. Nancy lives in Boerne with her husband and a small herd of dwarf and pigmy goats. She finds her inspiration in the beautiful world around her, especially the play of light and shadows and the textures they create.

Jill Strong — February 2014

If you’ve ever thought you’d like to try your hand at some form of visual art, Jill Strong’s work should inspire you. She came to art late in her life, after a full career as an OB-GYN nurse. She had enjoyed looking at art but never thought that someday she’d be creating it. However, in retirement she found a plethora of great teachers in Georgetown who helped her find her inner artist and became important mentors for her.

Jill loves color and often incorporates humor into her art. She has dabbled in many media, as you will see from the work that she has on display. She hopes to inspire others to jump in and have fun, believing that your unique point of view is far more important than being a Michelangelo. Her work will be on display until February 26.

Bep Markese, Sigi Field, and Charlotte Sylvest — January 2014

The Georgetown Public Library is a bright and cozy place to spend chilly and grey January days. When you’re on the second floor, check out the current art display. This month our two galleries are filled with the colorful works of three friends, Bep Markese, Charlotte Sylvest, and Sigi Field. While Sylvest is relatively new to painting—she took her first art class in 2006, in Georgetown—Markese and Field have been involved with art most of their lives. Markese, who was born and raised in the Netherlands, taught art in elementary schools and had a studio in Omaha where she made fiber art. Since coming to Georgetown she has begun taking classes again and is focusing on pastel art, which is what she is showing this month.

Field studied fine art and photography at the University of New Hampshire. Her expressionistic style, energy and enthusiasm for the subjects she paints—figurative, landscape, still-life, and abstract are a clear reflection of her personality. She paints in the mediums of pastel, acrylic, oil and Chinese ink brush.

Sylvest was born and raised in Denmark and spent some years roaming about Europe before coming to the U.S. and the corporate world of Dallas. She works in pastel, acrylic, watercolor, and most currently, in oil.

Julie Arnold and Emily Painton — December 2013

Two artists will share the library galleries during December. Julie Arnold had her first public show here a year ago and this is Emily Painton’s debut in Georgetown.

Julie Arnold’s work was so well received last year that we invited her to come again. A fourth generation Texan, native to San Antonio, Julie and her husband moved to Georgetown fifteen years ago. Her favorite subjects are animals and birds. Working from photos, she strives for realism as she paints her subjects in oils and acrylics.  She begins with her subjects’ eyes and then tries to capture their beauty, strength, intensity, and, in some cases, their curiosity and playfulness.

Emily Painton is a painter and visual artist currently living in Austin, Texas.  At fourteen, she began a series of art-saturated journeys to Europe, which inspired her future academic and creative interests.  She has a BFA and an MA in art history and has studied in Paris and lived in the French Quarter in New Orleans.  She works predominately in oils, most often painting spectacular and magical events like Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Day of the Dead parades in Austin and Christmas markets in Rome, as well as many everyday scenes of her favorite cities.  Since hurricane Katrina in 2005, Emily has been back in her second home of Austin, where she happily resides, “plotting her next trip to Paris and painting faster than her studio has room.”

 Sun City Photography Club — November 2013

The Sun City Photography Club invites you to view the 7th Annual Georgetown Library Exhibit, which will be on display from November 2-30.  The club is a member of the Photographic Society of America, a prestigious fellowship that promotes advancement and education in the field of photography.  Its members are devoted to the enjoyment of the photographic arts, and to sharing their images with the wider central Texas community.  The exhibit, which incorporates many different subjects and styles, features approximately 65 outstanding photographs.  Most pieces are available for purchase.

Williamson County Art Guild — October 2013

The Williamson County Art Guild’s annual show is small and sweet. Approximately twenty artists are showing works in oil, acrylic, watercolor, mixed media, and photography. All items are for sale.

Art Hop — September 2013

In past years, Art Hop took place during October. This year Georgetown Art Works, the organization that sponsors Art Hop, decided to change the competition to coincide with the month that the new Art Center opens. While they had hoped to show some of the entries at the Art Center, it won’t be finished until later in the month, but that won’t stop the show!

Art Hop is a state-wide competitive show and this year 193 artists from 47 cities across Texas submitted more than 600 works of art. The jury will select between 150 and 200 pieces for the show. Jurors this year include Mary Visser, Professor of Art at Southwestern University; Lisa Russell, owner of the Russell Collection Fine Art Gallery in Austin; Tina Weitz, photographer; and Sandra C. Fernández, Assistant Professor in Studio Art at UT-Austin.

The range of works being shown is very broad–from small works to large works, from traditional to innovative—and you may be assured that there will be something for everyone to enjoy. This year Art Works added a 3D category, so, for the first time, sculptures and ceramics will be part of the exhibit.

On September 8, from 2-4 p.m., join Art Works and the artists on the bridge in the library for the opening reception and awards ceremony. Awards will be announced at 2:45. At the reception and afterward, programs for the show that contain a map of all the Art Hop locations will be available. Come early, then spend the afternoon visting all of the venues.

While most of the entries will be shown in the library’s second floor galleries, be sure to visit the

Red Poppy Cafe, Cianfrani Coffee Company, Galaxy Bakery and Coffee House, Artisan’s Connect (the new gallery that is just off the Square on 8th Street), the Williamson Museum, and the Monument Market to see everything in the show. The art work will be on display September 3-28.

Waterloo Watercolor Group — For the Love of Books — August 2013

For the Love of Books is what the Waterloo Watercolor Group has named the very special show they’re bringing to the library during August. Using books as inspiration, the artists have chosen subjects ranging from childhood memories of poetry and fairy tales to contemporary best-sellers. More than forty beautiful watercolors, collages and acrylic paintings will be shown that have been inspired by quotes, authors, words, even book portraits. Each painting is accompanied by the artist’s description of the inspiration that led to its creation.

Library visitors will have the opportunity to decide the “People’s Choice Award” by casting their votes throughout the month of August. The opening reception for the show, to which the public is invited, will take place on Sunday, August 4, from 2 to 4:00 in the afternoon, on the library’s second-floor bridge. Most pieces being shown are available for purchase and will be on display until the end of the month. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite!

Texas Society of Sculptors Summer Show

For the fifth year, the Texas Society of Sculptors will have their summer show at the Georgetown Public Library. This is a major event in which more than 100 pieces by forty-two artists will be shown. The show will be installed on July 6 and will remain in place until September 28. The opening reception will take place on Sunday, July 21, from 1-3 pm, on the library’s second floor bridge and Jitterbug Vipers will be playing in the lobby. At the reception the winners of the cash prizes and honorary recognitions will be announced. The Georgetown Arts and Culture Board has donated $1800 for prizes, which makes the show an attractive event for the sculptors to enter.

The show is juried, which means that each piece being shown has met the standards of professional sculptors. A wide range of media are represented, from traditional bronze and marble to Styrofoam and peanut shells to wood and clay and even bike parts. This year there are some very untraditional pieces that are sure to intrigue and amuse.

Special Photo Display, July-August 2013

From July 10 until mid-August, Hope Alliance’s photo gallery called The Journey of Our Soles will be displayed at the Georgetown Public Library, on the east wall of the library’s public computer area on the first floor.  As you view the photos you will understand the title of the gallery. The photos are intended to create awareness of and discussion about domestic violence and sexual assault. The Williamson County Crisis Center is cooperating with Hope Alliance to bring the photo gallery to as many locations in Williamson County as possible.

Founded in Austin in 1984 as a rape crisis center, Hope Alliance expanded to include services for domestic violence victims in the late 1980s and in 1990 opened their 24-hour emergency shelter. Since then, Hope Alliance has established outreach offices in Georgetown, Cedar Park, Taylor and Hutto to bring their services to every corner of Williamson County.

The photo gallery grew out of a discussion about the lack of awareness of domestic violence in our very own community. Too often, staff has heard statements such as, “domestic violence is a thing of the past,” or “we are lucky rape rarely happens in Central Texas,” and “That could never happen to me.” Hope Alliance also knows that if family and sexual violence are going to be prevented, everyone must know that it does happen here and be willing to talk openly about the issues.

Teen Art Contest and Show, June-July 2013

During June and July the library’s galleries will be given over to the work of Georgetown’s creative teens. As part of the summer program for teens, anyone between the ages of 12 and 18 may submit up to three entries in the contest. There are four categories this year: traditional 2D work (painting and drawing), photography, digital art, and 3D work. Complete information about the contest may be found at The prize for Best in Show is a $50 gift card from Hobby Lobby. July 5 is the deadline for entries.

The Art of GISD — May 2013

During May the Georgetown Public Library will be bursting with the art of GISD students. This year, for the first time, we are delighted to have the work of artists from kindergarten through twelfth grade here at the same time. The work of elementary and middle school students will be on the first floor—in the children’s room and in the lobby—and the older students’ art will be in the galleries on the second floor. All should be in place by late Friday, May 3.

A reception to celebrate the event will be held on Tuesday, May 7, from 5:30-6:30 p.m. No refreshments for this event, which could be very large, just proud students, parents, and teachers getting together to celebrate the creativity of Georgetown’s young people.

Quinn Henderson’s Winged Heart Art — April 2013

Quinn Henderson formerly was a musician, but after a serious auto accident in 2001 she discovered painting and since has developed a personal style that she calls “Romantic Beach.” The bright pastels and flowing lines of her watercolor paintings typify this style. She has studied with Texas watercolorist Brad Braune and also with Annie Cicale. People as far away as New York and California have Quinn’s work in their collections.

Besides paintings, Quinn also creates clothing, home decor, and accessories. Her custom painted “bride boots” are a specialty. Roses and hearts are a common theme in all of her creations. Her work will be on display until April 28.

Heather Johns Kasper — March 2013

Heather Johns Kasper will be showing her oil and acrylic paintings in the library’s galleries during March. Her father taught her to draw at a young age, using her own hand as a model. From there she began to draw what she loved, which often was animals. After receiving a BA in fine art and working professionally for years as a graphic designer for companies such as Seiko, Fossil, and Nike, she has finally returned to the more natural expressiveness of painting and drawing.

Ms. Kasper’s show will include paintings from her Iconic Animal Portraits series and also her Trophy Drawings series. She currently is accepting commissions for custom paintings of your own pet or favorite animal in the Iconic style, which  draws on the rich history of Mexican retablos and uses acrylic or oil combined with natural elements such as gold leaf, natural mica, and paper for layered depth and interest. Her trophy drawings are intended to be a way to display hunting trophies such as antlers in one’s home without using the actual horns. The public is invited to an opening reception on Sunday, March 3, from 2-4 p.m., on the bridge.

Encaustic 12×12 Art Show — February 2013

The Austin Encaustic Arts group will do a show of 12″x12″ canvases during February. The group includes artists from Georgetown and central Texas, who have shown their work in venues in Texas and the US. Their work demonstrates many different styles and uses of encaustic paint – some combine the paint with other materials. Most of the group’s members prefer the encaustic medium due to the endless opportunities to experiment with texture and color.

Encaustic painting has been used throughout art history beginning in prehistoric times. The term encaustic is derived from the ancient Greek enkaustikos which means to heat or burn. If you notice, this definition does not include the word wax. Early prehistoric artists used animal fat as the binder and the Pecos people in west Texas used plant wax from the Candelilla and Lechuguilla plants to paint the canyon walls. In Greco-Roman Egypt, beginning approximately in the first century, Fayum encaustic portraits were placed on panels for mummy casings. Many historians believe that encaustic using beeswax became the preferred medium to produce a lifelike skin quality in the paintings.

Contemporary encaustic painting refers to the use of a painting medium composed of beeswax, Damar resin, and oil pigment. Such artists as Arthur Dove, Diego Rivera, Karl Zerbe, Jean Dubuffet, Victor Brauner, Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg have experimented with encaustic painting during their careers with completely different outcomes, from three dimensional sculptures to murals.

January 2013 — Carolyn Todd and Judy Ghetti Ommen

During January, Carolyn Todd and Judy Ghetti  Ommen will show their multi-media works in the library galleries. Todd’s art is inspired by Texas nature and culture. Full of texture, color, and expression, she works in encaustic (a medium that incorporates hot beeswax), collage, watercolor, and monoprint. Ommen’s influences are Oriental brush painting, which she encountered during her childhood, and travel. She works in watercolors, collage, and also uses encaustic and acrylic resin. Both artists avoid portraiture, preferring instead imaginative approaches to reality and abstract expression of their ideas.

You may meet the artists at a public reception on Sunday, January 6, from 2-4 p.m., in the seating area on the second-floor bridge.

December 2012 — Julie Arnold

If there are people on your gift list who enjoy art, consider purchasing one of the pieces that Julie Arnold has on display in our galleries this month. Julie’s show is her initial appearance in the library galleries. Her subjects are animals and birds. Working from photos, she strives for realism as she paints her subjects in oils and acrylics.  She begins with her subjects’ eyes and then tries to capture their beauty, strength, intensity, and, in some cases, their curiosity and playfulness.

A fourth generation Texan, native to San Antonio, Julie and her husband moved to Georgetown fourteen years ago. Julie only began showing her work publicly this year, but her paintings may be found in homes in Oregon, Florida, Texas, and West Virginia. She is a member of the Williamson County Art Guild.

November 2012 — Patricia Lyle

Patricia Lyle, a visual artist working in the Austin area, will be showing her work in the library’s second floor galleries during November. Ms. Lyle’s oil paintings capture the language of color and movement in landscapes and figurative images. She was Featured Artist for the 2011 Georgetown Red Poppy Festival and has exhibited nationally as well as locally. Ms. Lyle teaches art classes at her studio in Round Rock and workshops in various locations in Central Texas.

October 2012 — Art Hop!

It’s October, the Month of the Arts in Georgetown, and the library is very proud to be the largest venue for the 2012 Art Hop show and competition. Art Hop is a project of Georgetown Art Works and this year is sponsored by Jerry’s Artarama and Georgetown’s Arts and Culture Board. This year’s Art Hop has a record number of entries, with 146 artists participating, representing 42 municipalities throughout Texas. While many of the works will be on display in the library’s second floor galleries, others may be viewed downtown at Roots Bistro, Abbey’s, Cianfranni’s, and Galaxy Bakery and Coffeehouse.

From the 400 works submitted, the jury chose only 152 works for the show. The media represented cover the entire gamut of possibilities for two-dimensional works–oils, watercolors, mixed media, encaustic, pastel, photography, printmaking and more. The finalists are competing for the $1,000 grand prize, as well as $500 for first place, $250 for second and $100 for third in each of the individual categories: painting, photography, and printmaking. Judging will take place on October 1 and winning pieces will be identified soon after.

Thirty-six high school students entered the 2012 Art Hop Student Competition. The jury selected 22 works from a total of 77 that were submitted. Prizes in the student competition total $1,500. All of the student work will be on exhibit at the Williamson Museum, 716 S. Austin Ave., and also will be judged on October 1.

The Art Hop Reception will be held on Friday, October 12, from 6-8 p.m. on the second-floor bridge at the Georgetown Public Library. A reception for the Art Hop Student Competition will be held on Saturday, October 13, from 4 to 6 p.m. at the Williamson Museum. All of the entries will be on exhibit October 4 through 27 and programs will be available at all of the exhibit venues and at the Georgetown Visitors Center.

Williamson County Art Guild, August 30-September 27; Sculpture Show Ends September 28

Members of the Williamson County Art Guild are showing their work in the second floor galleries during September. The show includes more than 40 pieces in a wide range of media: acrylic, mixed media, charcoal, watercolor, oil, pastel, photography, Oriental brush, Chinese watercolor, and collage. There should be something to satisfy everyone’s artistic tastes.

The Texas Society of Sculptors’ summer show continues throughout September. The library is not as busy now as it was during the summer, so you can examine the sculptures at your leisure. Even if you’ve already seen the show, come back and be surprised by what you may have missed.

Summer Delights, August 1-27

During August nine female artists will be displaying their work in a show they call Summer Delights. Come to see the work of Rae Andrews, Nikki Atkinson, Vicki Brevell, Courtney Brown, Janice Haecker, Dianne Holley, Donna Overly, Eileen Pestorius, and Kathy Summers. While they all do watercolor, nearly everyone works in other media, too, so expect a broad range of media, styles, and subjects in this show. You’ll see florals, landscapes, animals, and people, and bright colors in abundance. The show will fill the west wing and bridge galleries from August 1 through the 27th.

Teen Art Show and Contest, June – July 2012

The library’s gallery walls are gradually beginning to fill with entries in the Teen Summer Art Show and Contest. We’re reserved both the bridge and the hall galleries because the response has been great the past two years. The only problem though, is that those talented teens sometimes wait until the last minute to bring in their work. If you know someone with talent, encourage them to enter—and soon! The library staff is suffering art deprivation! Deadline for submissions is July 8 and the winner will be announced on July 13.

GISD Students, May 2012

Beginning April 27, the library will be filled for several weeks with the art work of GISD students. The work of elementary and middle school kids will be featured in the lobby until May 5. This show, coordinated by Village Elementary art teacher Keahi Brown, should make you proud of the art instruction that Georgetown students are receiving.

At the same time, Carol Watson and Terri Carpenter are arranging a show in the upstairs galleries of the work of 9th grade and high school students. These pieces will hang only until May 18.

The GISD show is an annual event for the library and one to which the library staff looks forward with great anticipation. All year long we are treated to art by talented adult professionals and amateurs, but in May we get to see the work of people whom we might someday be able to say, “We knew them when….” The art projects that are coming out of Georgetown’s upper grades are amazing. Do not miss this show. You may even find a young artist you’d like to encourage with a sale or commission.

Sun City Photography Club, April 2012

Behind the Lens with the Photography Club of Sun City TX will hang in the library’s galleries from March 31 through April 26. Many of the images on display will be for sale.

 Members of the Sun City Photography Club meet to share their knowledge of photographic equipment and techniques. Their common goal is improving their art and having some fun. Those who have only recently developed an interest in photography have opportunities to work with some of the best mentors and instructors on photo basics and photo editing. Many of the members meet once or twice a month for specialized activities, such as preparing for competitions, taking a closer look at nature photography, and discussing creative techniques and camera skills for the advanced photographer. The result of these club activities are the beautiful and creative photographs that are exhibited in the library

Don Snell — March 2012

Local artist Don Snell, whom most people know simply as Snell, will celebrate his 90th birthday in April 2012. The library is honored that he has chosen to mark this milestone birthday with an exhibit here of approximately 30 paintings. Snell has had one-person shows in galleries all over Texas. His works hang in museums and art centers in Dallas, Beaumont, Tucson, and New Orleans, and in private collections as far away as Amsterdam, Zurich, and Paris.

Snell began painting in the 1950s, when he was working on his Bachelor of Fine Arts at UT. He went on to postgraduate studies at Tulane University, eventually teaching there and later at Arlington State College and the University of Houston. While teaching and painting in Houston, he also became sought out as a repairer of fine china, a “day job” that he chose to end when he moved to Georgetown. Snell has always created sculptures as well as paintings. Currently he has several of his sculptures on display in the library as part of the Texas Society of Sculptors Emeritus Show.

Throughout his career, the human figure has remained Snell’s primary subject. He doesn’t look to nature for inspiration nor does he work from models. His work is abstract and is often informed by his strong feelings about religion, sex, love, government, and justice.

Austin Pastel Society — February 2012

More than twenty artists who are members of the Austin Pastel Society (APS) will be exhibiting and selling their works in portraiture, landscape, still life, and wildlife in their show at the Georgetown Public Library. The artists work in a range of styles and media. The show opens January 28 and runs through February 25, with an artists’ reception Sunday, February 5, from 2 to 4 p.m. The APS is part of the International Association of Pastel Societies and includes 100 local artists ranging from professional to beginner. The local society has been staging exhibits and competitions regularly during its 14-year history.

Capitol Art Society — January 2011

The Capitol Art Society, the oldest visual arts group in Austin, will be filling the library galleries during January. The Society includes 45 professional artists, all of whom have passed a jury process. Many of the artists are published, their work is in collections worldwide, and many are award winners and art teachers. Eleven members will be showing their work in a variety of media at the library. Expect to see bright colors and images of faraway places–just the thing to end the January doldrums.

Four Friends Classy Art Show — December 2011

The Four Friends Classy Art Show will be in the galleries during December. Included in the show are artists Charlotte Sylvest O’Dowd, Pat Langley, Sue Nosler Gray, and Nancy Brown. They will be showing works in a variety of mediums and styles, from watercolor, acrylic, and oil paintings to fabric collage. The artists reception will be on Sunday, December 11, from 12:00 – 3:00 PM. The friends plan to bring to the reception a number of small pieces, attractively priced, for your holiday shopping.

Waterloo Watercolor Group–November 2011

We are pleased to have the Waterloo Watercolor Group return this year, bringing us a show they’re calling “29 Ways With Watercolor.” It will hang through Monday, November 28. The artists will hold an opening reception, to which the public is invited, on Friday, November 4, from 4-6 p.m. The watercolor group began in 1977 with fifteen charter members; today it is a large, enthusiastic organization that works to promote watercolor art through education and exhibitions. Membership is open to all artists interested in learning more about art in general and the watercolor medium in particular. Visit their website at:

Art Hop 2011

Art Hop opens the Month of the Arts in Georgetown with a reception at the Georgetown Public Library on the evening of First Friday, October 7, from 6 to 8 p.m. Art Hop, an annual art show that is in its fourth year, is sponsored by Georgetown Art Works. It is a juried exhibit open to Texas artists who are at least 18 years old. The works being shown are original, have been completed within the past two years, and are competing for prizes in the following categories: Painting/Mixed Media, Photography, and Printmaking. Prize winners will be announced at the opening reception. Art Hop entries will hang in the library galleries and in two businesses located on the downtown Square — Cianfrani Coffee Roasters and Franklin & Company Fine Jewelers. Be sure to see them all!

This year Art Works has collaborated with the Texas Society of Sculptors to add mobiles to the Art Hop display. While the traditional visual art entries will be exhibited only through October, the mobiles will hang at the library until March 2012.

Williamson County Art Guild Show in September

Personal Choice is the title of the show the Williamson County Art Guild has on display in the library galleries this month. That means members were invited to show their personal favorite pieces. The members work in a wide variety of media including oil, acrylic, pastel, photography, ink, mixed media, collage, and heat set paint.

The Williamson County Art Guild (WCAG) was founded in September 1976 as an all volunteer, non-profit organization.  The Guild’s purpose is to stimulate interest in art in Williamson County through exhibits, artists programs, and workshops. The WCAG has an ongoing show entitled “Art is Ageless” at The Wesleyan Nursing Home, as well as a monthly exhibit at Framers Gallery located at 610 S Main Street, just north of the Courthouse Square.

The opening reception for the Guild’s show at the library will be on First Friday, September 2, from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m., on the second-floor bridge. The public is invited to come to view the art and meet the artists.

Group of 5–Art and Soul–June 2011

Rae Andrews, Vicki Brevell, Nancy Brandt Brown, Sue Nosler Gray, and Susan Abston Wiley, the Group of 5, will be showing their work in the bridge and west wing galleries during the month of June. They share a deep-seated love of color and movement and most often use watercolor to express their thoughts, memories, and feelings. All of the artists work in other mediums, too, including pastels and acrylics, which you may expect to see in this show. They often draw from nature for their inspiration but treat it in very individualistic ways. Color, in all its magnificence, is the keyword in this show. Don’t miss it! Meet the artists from 5:30 – 7:30 on Friday, June 3. For more information, click here for their website.

Emerging Young Artists

In the galleries this month will be the art of GISD’s 9th Grade art students. This show has become one of the staff’s favorites, partly because the subjects and media are often surprising, but especially because the quality of the art that these young people are creating is amazing. It is easy to understand why their teachers want it to be displayed as publicly as possible; they are justifiably proud of their students’ work.

The show will be up by May 6 and the opening reception is 6-7 p.m. on Tuesday, May 10. If you can’t make the reception, be sure to stop by later in the month to see this exhibit.
What’s Up During March 2011 and Looking Ahead to April

If you didn’t have a chance to see it during February, the encaustic wax art exhibit continues until March 13. It‘s been a real treat to be introduced to this unusual art form, which engages you more each time you visit the display.

In mid-month, a few of the members of the Sun City Photography Club will hang some of their work as a preview to the Club’s annual show, which goes up April 1. This impromptu show is called “Georgetown Potpourri”–meaning they’re showing a little bit of everything. We are very grateful to these photographers for agreeing on short notice to bring in some of their work so that our walls won’t be bare for two weeks.

The Photography Club’s big show this year is called “A Taste of Texas,” with photographs showcasing the diversity that makes Texas the great place we know and love. The opening reception is on Friday, April 1 from 6-8 p.m. Come downtown for First Friday and stop by the library. The reception gives you a chance to meet the photographers and to talk with them about their work and experiences.

Art Hop During October 2010

The library is very pleased to be the primary showcase of the artworks comprising this year’s Art Hop—a month-long juried show, sponsored by Georgetown Art Works, that includes artists from all over Texas. Our second floor galleries will be filled completely with oil paintings, watercolors, prints, photographs, and collages. Other entries will be hanging at Quenan’s Jewelers, Franklin & Company Fine Jewelers, and Cianfrani Coffee Company. A sneak preview of the entries left me overwhelmed by the quality of the work and the diversity of techniques and subjects, and if you enjoy Texas-themed art you won’t be disappointed.
Have you seen the longhorn and young dancer that have taken up residence in the lobby? Those Texas sculptors love to show their work in Georgetown, so keep your eyes open for more new pieces at the library and also in San Gabriel Park (near the interesection of Stadium Drive and Morrow Street).

Photography Club of Sun City Texas, September 2010

During September the bridge and west wing galleries will be filled with the work of the members of the Photography Club of Sun City Texas. This show is the club’s second annual competition, with prizes in six categories: abstract/creative, animals, architecture, land-or waterscapes, nature, and people. There will be a $50 prize for best of show. The public is invited to an opening reception on Friday, September 3, from 6-8 p.m. (That’s first Friday, so plan an evening downtown after you check out what’s happening at the library.)

Nick Ramos’ Work on Display During August 2010

Nick Ramos, a local graphic artist whose work you may have enjoyed without knowing he created it, will be sharing a wide sampling of his art with library visitors during August. The banners that are currently decorating the lamp posts around the library are the creation of Mr. Ramos, as is the colorful bovine that is the Williamson Museum’s trademark. He is also the creator of the Red Poppy Festival’s new poppy-sprouting guitar icon. He’s calling his library show Drawings, Doodles and Dilemmas, a title as engaging and self-effacing as the man himself. His work will be on display in the second floor galleries. Come to meet him and chat with him about his work at a reception on the bridge on Monday, August 16, from 5 to 8 p.m.

Big Painters Group Displays Their Work During November

The Big Painters Group will be showing their work during November on the bridge and in the west wing gallery. Members are Gordon Bina, Bob Douglass, Betty Lemley, Tina Marentette, Judy Ommen, Barry Scott, Glenn Smith, and Jill Strong. Five years ago some of the group participated in a workshop with well-known painter Jerry Seagle, who inspired them to pursue their interest in painting in large formats, whether on canvas, papers, or board. Since that time the group has met monthly to paint together and Mr. Seagle joins them, as they laughingly say, “to spur them on to fame.” This is the first time the Big Painters have done an exhibit together at the library.

October, the Month of the Arts in Georgetown, 2009

We are very pleased that Georgetown Art Works chose the library to be one of the venues for October’s Art Hop 2009. This event, which debuted last October, is a juried show of the work of Texas visual artists who work in oil, acrylic, watercolor, pencil, charcoal, ink, mixed media, photography, and printmaking. Judy Ommen, who is coordinating the show for Art Works, said they were overwhelmed by the many fine submissions which the jurors finally reduced to 85 pieces by 43 artists. These works will be hung at the library, at Dog-Eared Books, Cianfrani’s Coffee Shop, and Framer’s Gallery–creating the “hop” part of this event. The opening reception is Friday October 2, 6-8 p.m. at the library and the winners will be announced then. The show will hang until Thursday, October 29.

The featured artist of Art Hop 2009 is Catherine Hart, an Austin glass artist. Glass art, in fact three-dimensional art of any kind, is not included in the competitive part of the show. Ms. Hart’s work will be in our display cases throughout October.

August and September 2009

The work of Jeanne Lubey and Gordon Bina will remain in the galleries until mid-August. These two artists have very different styles but share a love of bright color, which you’re sure to enjoy.

On August 21 the Williamson County Art Guild (WCAG) will take over both galleries and will hang a show with representative works from many of the organization’s members. Their shows always provide a wide variety of media, techniques, and subjects. The WCAG show will remain in place until late September.

Three for the Show

Barbara Wilder, Charles Byers, and Charlie Welsh have a huge show of their multi-themed photos on the bridge and in the meeting room hallway. Check out their experiments with manipulating the medium!

Texas Society of Sculptors, 2009

The Texas Society of Sculptors (TSOS) again chose the Georgetown Public Library for their summer show. Last year’s show was exciting and beautiful and it made us feel as though the library had really arrived as a venue for art exhibitions. This year will be even better because the sculptures will remain on display from June 8 through August 28! Twenty-seven Texas sculptors will show 78 works, both inside and outside the building.09-postcard-web-sizeThe opening reception will take place Sunday, June 21, from 1-4 p.m. At that time the winners of the show’s prizes will be announced. Three members of Georgetown’s Arts and Culture Board will judge the show.If you’re interested in watching artists work, stop by the library on Saturday, July 18, from 1:00 to 4:00. Several of the sculptors will be here demonstrating their techniques.

Year-round Sculpture at the Library

During the past three summers the Texas Society of Sculptors (TSOS) has chosen the Georgetown Public Library as the location for their large summer show, which includes the work of more than seventy Texas sculptors. The staff is always sad to see the show taken down because our large, open spaces look very empty.

We’re happy to report that our relationship with the TSOS has been expanded to include a smaller, year ’round rotating display of sculptures. Members of the Society will bring in a few pieces at a time and will leave them here for Georgetown to enjoy for several months.

Currently we have a large bronze by Ho Baron outside the south entrance. Baron lives and works in El Paso, so we feel especially privileged to have his Acrobats on display. He has kindly agreed to allow us to temporarily move the sculpture to the Recreation Center for display there before he takes it back to El Paso.

In the lobby and the children’s room are works by Marla Rippera. In the lobby you’ll find The Cat and the Fiddle and Little Dog Laughed. Hanging from the ceiling of the children’s room are The Cow Jumped Over the Moon and The Dish Ran Away with the Spoon. Ripperda works in concrete and fiberglass.

Gracing the second floor bridge are two bronzes by Gary Yarrington, The Book, and Young Dancer.

Click here to see images of these sculptures.

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