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Art Exhibits

The Georgetown Public Library hosts monthly art exhibits that are accessible all the hours that the library is open. Each year from 2014-2017 the library has received the Silver award for “Best Place to View Art” in the Best of Georgetown Awards.

Exhibits feature work by local individual artists and by local arts groups. The library welcomes proposals for future exhibits during each year’s open call; details are below under Exhibiting Your Work in the Library.

The library also displays works of art that have been purchased by the City of Georgetown, and is a City Sculpture Tour location.

For more information about art in Georgetown, visit the City of Georgetown Arts & Culture website.

Current and Upcoming Art Exhibits

Exhibiting Your Work in the Library

Art-Hop-Library-Wall1-300x162-c96655e77cb37d7f3e1160a970c8dd8088b349b5The library highly values artists and their work. During each year’s open call, artists and organizations are invited to submit proposals for the next year’s exhibits. Proposals will be accepted March 1-May 15, 2018 for exhibits in 2019.

Before submitting a proposal, please look over these documents:

And then submit a proposal in one of two ways: online or by mail.

Proposals for art exhibits in the Georgetown Public Library require the same information whether they are submitted online or on paper:

  • Proposed exhibit title
  • Description of proposed exhibit
  • Exhibit sizes you would consider (5-10 works of art, 25-30 works of art, and 50-60 works of art)
  • Up to six images of your work
  • The URL to your website (optional)
  • A description of your artwork in general
  • A little about your art background, with the option to upload or attach a resume
  • Your availability to install and remove an exhibit in 2019

Questions? You may wish to attend the Library Art Exhibits Q&A on March 1 from 4-5:30 in the Classroom. This is an informal session for potential exhibitors who want to learn how to submit a proposal for a 2019 exhibit in the library. Creating an account on Submittable will be covered.

Calendar Year 2018*
Call for Entries March 1-May 15, 2017
Applicants Notified June 1, 2017

Calendar Year 2019*
Call for Entries March 1-May 15, 2018
Applicants Notified June 1, 2018

*Proposals that are not selected may be considered in the case of cancellations.

Feel free to contact Dana Hendrix, Fine Arts Librarian, at or 512-930-3624 with questions.

Past Art Exhibits