The Library is excited to launch a new part of our collection: STEM Kits!

These kits come in tubs and have activities and books in them to foster learning and understanding of science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Learn how to build a brick building with mini bricks, or use straws and plastic connectors to create a sturdy structure. Buddha boards can help foster creativity, or k’Nex kits can illustrate how bridges are built and how to make them solid.

STEM kits are intended for ages Pre-K through 12. Kits are available for anyone to check out. Find our listing of available kits here.

Tips for STEM Kit check out: 

  • STEM Kits come with many parts. You may be tempted to throw away a containing box or plastic wrapper-please don’t! Return all items inside the kit to the Library.
  • STEM Kits check out for two weeks at a time. They cannot be renewed.
  • STEM Kits can be placed on hold.
  • Each family can check out two kits at a time.
  • STEM Kits are checked out from and returned to the children’s services desk. Please do not try to return kits in the book drop–the tubs will not fit!

If you have any questions about STEM Kits, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Library via email or at 512.930.3551.