Borrow Books, DVDs, etc.

Loan Periods

Most of the items in the library can be checked out for either 14 or 21 days, with a few exceptions.

New adult books go out for either 14 or 21 days. The 14-day books are marked with a yellow tape on the spine;  the 21-day books are marked with red tape on the spine.

Most other items that circulate can be taken out for 21 days:

    • Books (adult, children, and teen)
    • Media (audiobooks, DVDs, and music CDs)
    • Cake pans and kits
    • Magazine issues that are marked “circulating” may be taken out for 21 days and are located inside the magazine shelving unit on the second floor. (Magazines on the first floor are for in-library use only.)
    • Many 14- and 21-items are automatically renewed one time, just before they are due back. You can call, text the Library, or bring materials in person to ask whether they can be renewed before it is automatically done. Any material that another library user has reserved is not eligible for renewal.


A few specialized items have different loan periods:

      • Archivist in a Backpack kits go out for 10 days.
      • Book Club in a Bag kits are reserveable in advance and go out for 6 weeks.
      • Ukuleles go out for 6 weeks.
      • Reference materials and newspapers are non-circulating and may be used in the library only.


    • The library’s digital resources have their own circulation periods, as well:
        • Libby (OverDrive): 14 days
        • Hoopla: 21 days
        • Kanopy: 48-72 hour access for most items; Kanopy Kids content is accessible for 30 days at a time
        • SimplyE/E-Read Texas: Variable


      • Returning Materials
        Materials can be returned in the book drop slot beside the Circulation Desk in the first-floor lobby, or outdoors in the drive-through book drop on the south side of the library (in the 9th Street parking lot).

        Fines and Lost Item Replacement 
        We do not charge fines for overdue library materials. If an item is overdue 60 days or more, the item is considered missing and the patron is responsible for the cost of replacement. Come talk with us–we’ll work with you.