Another Advantage to Adding Your Email Address to Your Library Record

Our new automation system uses email addresses to notify you of three things: (1) when a book you requested is available, (2) when an item is three days from coming due, and (3) when an item you have checked out is three days overdue. In the latter two cases you are given a link to click to find out whether it’s possible to renew the item(s) in question.

You may add your email address to your record by logging in to your account through the online library catalog. The log-in box appears in the upper right corner when you open the catalog. You’ll need the barcode on your library card and the phone number that is on your record (enter without spaces or punctuation between the numbers). After entering this information, click the “My Account” button that appears.

The screen that opens allows you to edit your phone numbers and email addresses. There is also a series of three boxes where you choose how you want to be notified about overdues,  the 3-day notice, and reserve availability. Click the arrows on the right side of these boxes to choose your email address. If you already have an email address on your record, make sure it is showing in these boxes.

The only automated notice you may receive by phone is for items you have reserved. We appreciate your choosing email instead of phone for this notification because we have to pay 10 cents for every automated phone call. Emails cost us nothing. Mail notification is not an option.

If you prefer, any library staff member can add your email address to your record and make it your notification preference. Just ask the next time you’re in the library, or call us at 930-3551. We think you’ll appreciate the notices and we’ll appreciate saving the phone call expense.