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Artist Reception for Pallabi Samaddar: Mythical Indian Folk Art Based on Ancient Tradition

31may4:00 pm6:00 pmArtist Reception for Pallabi Samaddar: Mythical Indian Folk Art Based on Ancient Tradition

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Exhibit: May 21 – June 30, 2024
Reception: May 31, 4p.m.-6p.m..
Location: Cafe Gallery

Red painting with a face and mandala in the center.Step into the mesmerizing realm of Indian folk art with me at this exhibition. While my professional journey revolves around the intricate world of scientific research as a Ph.D. in Chemistry, my heart finds solace and joy in the strokes of a paintbrush, weaving tales of tradition and culture.

As an avid painter driven by passion rather than profession, I am thrilled to showcase the enchanting beauty of Indian folk art. Through Alpona, Madhubani, and Warli, I invite you to delve into a world where colors dance and stories come alive on canvas.

Transport yourself to the enchanting landscapes of Bengal through the intricate art form of Alpona, with its intricate patterns, speaks of timeless traditions. Rooted in tradition and steeped in cultural significance, Alpona is more than just a form of decoration; it is a sacred ritual, an expression of devotion, and a celebration of life. In Bengal (eastern state in India), Alpona adorns homes during festive occasions and auspicious ceremonies with its vibrant patterns and symmetrical designs. With its flowing lines and intricate motifs inspired by nature, Alpona captures the essence of Bengal’s rich artistic heritage. From geometric patterns to floral motifs, each Alpona design is a masterpiece in its own right, showcasing the timeless beauty and elegance of Bengal folk art. Madhubani whispers tales of mythology and folklore, each stroke narrating a story of its own. And then there’s Warli, the rustic charm of rural life immortalized on canvas, reminding us of our deep-rooted connection with nature.

Though my days may be filled with scientific endeavors, my evenings are adorned with the hues of passion and creativity. Join me in this celebration of artistry and culture, where the worlds of science and art intertwine to create something truly magical.

In embracing both my scientific and artistic sides, I have discovered a profound sense of fulfillment. Come, be a part of this journey as we explore the rich heritage and captivating beauty of Alpona, Madhubani, and Warli together.



May 31, 2024 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm(GMT-05:00)


Georgetown Public Library - Cafe Gallery

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