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We’re anxiously awaiting word of the vehicle delivery date. It’s close, very close, but still not firm. Mid-March is definitely possible. Once the vehicle arrives it will be checked over and then driven to the local sign company that’s applying the WOW!mobile wrap that will make it—without question—Georgetown’s bookmobile. It will be wrapped in another permutation of Nick Ramos’ colorful graphic design that has been the decorating the library entrance doors for the past six months.

While she’s been waiting, Michele Harber, our community outreach librarian and bookmobile driver and manager, has been hard at work. In the past two weeks she’s finalized the schedule of the stops she’ll be making beginning in April. Altogether there are 27 different places she’ll be stopping at least twice a month. From April to June the stops will be predominantly retirement centers, and assisted living and nursing facilities, but the Williamson County Juvenile Justice Center is also on the year-‘round route. Once school is out she’ll add numerous apartment complexes, eight schools, and the Boys and Girls Club to the list. The preliminary schedule is now on the library’s event calendar, which is on the library’s home page, but please understand that it still may be subject to change.

The WOW!mobile will have its own collection of materials (although it will be possible for bookmobile patrons to request items from the library’s regular collection), so Michele’s also been busy ordering books, audiobooks, and videos. After she makes her selections, Valerie Barber, who handles most of the library’s purchasing, orders them from our regular vendors. The materials, which have been arriving by the boxfuls, are carefully unpacked and checked against invoices, usually by Valerie, then are cataloged by Sally Bernier and Brenna Normann, our cataloging librarians. After that they go into the skilled hands of Earlene Scott and Thelma Dingler who make covers for them and apply labels. Did you have any idea how many people it takes to get books from catalogs to shelves? Our thorniest problem right now is finding space to store all these new materials until the WOW!mobile arrives.

Michele is still looking for volunteers. The jobs she has are mostly physically demanding because they’ll involve moving books back and forth from the library to the bookmobile, but she’ll also need help at the stops. And if none of that appeals to you, how about baking cookies to hand out at the stops? If you’re interested, please call her at 930-8130 x7152, or email her at