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Unicorns Win!

Last Saturday was horn vs. fire, hooves vs. wings, unicorns vs. dragons! It was close, but in the end the unicorns persevered. Congratulations, unicorns! There’s always next time, dragons.

Here are the answers to the trivia game:

How much do you know about unicorns?

  1. According to the Harry Potter books, what color is unicorn’s blood? A. silver
  2. What part of a unicorn is known as the alicorn? C. the horn
  3. When was the first written record of a unicorn? B. 400 BC
  4. What was the name of the toy unicorn in Toy Story 3? C. Buttercup
  5. What is the name of the Pegasus-unicorn in My Little Pony: The Movie? B. Princess Twilight Sparkle
  6. Which country has the unicorn as its official national animal? A. Scotland
  7. Which animal likely inspired Ctseias’ account of a donkey like animal with a white body and a purple head adorned with a single horn? B. rhinoceros
  8. How much did Queen Elizabeth I pay for a “unicorn” horn in the 16th century? B. 10,000 pounds
  9. During the 1980’s, Barnum & Bailey circuses displayed “The Living Unicorn” named Lancelot. What was Lancelot? C. a goat
  10. According to the Harry Potter series, how can you use a unicorn to extend your life? C. by drinking its blood

How much do you know about dragons?

  1. In the Chinese zodiac, which of the following was a Year of the Dragon? C. 2012
  2. In The Hobbit, what is the name of the dragon whose lair Bilbo Baggins infiltrated and stole a cup from? A. Smaug
  3. Which country has a dragon as its official national animal? A. China
  4. What is the color of the dragon on the Welsh flag? C. red
  5. What is the name of the man who tamed and slayed a dragon and is now considered the patron saint of England? B. George
  6. The ancient Greek word for dragon could also mean which of the following: A. snake
  7. What dragon did Harry Potter fight in the Triwizard Tournament? A. Hungarian Horntail
  8. A Western dragon’s wings are similar to what animal’s wings: B. a bat
  9. How do Eastern dragons fly? C. They use magic.
  10. What type of dragon does Hiccup shoot down at the beginning of How to Train Your Dragon? C. Night Fury