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Teen Social Distancing Challenge

Hi Georgetown teens! We know these are strange times, but we need to stick together. Let’s have some fun while doing that! We have come up with a challenge for all teens ages 12-18. Show us how you are helping yourself, your community, and the world during this time. There are 50 activities that you can participate in and earn points and community service throughout your time at home. We’ll be sharing the pictures you submit on our Instagram, @gt_teenspace. The top player will win a $25 Amazon digital gift card!


Email us at  or Direct Message us on Instagram: @gt_teenspace  to submit an activity to the Teen Services Librarian. We will keep a tally of every participant and the points you earn, but you need to keep track as well. You do not have to do these in order. Get your paper and pens out and get ready for some fun! When submitting each activity please provide your full name, your phone number, your age, the activity number, and the date. The Social Distancing Challenge will conclude on May 11, 2020. 

Thank you to the East Hampton Public Library for generously sharing this idea.

The Challenges

Stay Creative

  1. Draw a picture or paint something. Share it with us! (3 points, may be repeated daily)

2. Show us something you’re cooking! Send us a picture. (3 points)

3. Write a poem or short story and share it with us. (4 points)

4. Doing any crafts while you spend time at home? Send us your craft ideas so we can post them to Instagram! (3 points)

5. Take a virtual museum tour. Check the Teen page on our website for some ideas. Show us something cool you found. (3 points)

6. Do you like the sunset? Send us a picture! (3 points)

7. Do you have anything to say? Are you upset? Are you happy? Share with us why! (4 points)

8. Curious about learning to juggle, sew, do calligraphy, or something else? Now is the time! Learn a new activity or skill and make a video of yourself doing it. (5 points)

9. Send us a paragraph about any new programs you want to see this summer from the library. Dream big! (Earn an hour of community service and 5 points)

10. Do you have any special skills or talents? Send us a video! (4 points)

Appreciate Community

11. Send five pictures of people or things that you’re grateful for. (1 point for each picture)

12. Tell us in a few sentences why you miss the library! (5 points)

13. Help your fellow teens! Tell us what show you’ve been binge watching. (1 point)

14. Create a donation bin for when social distancing behind us that you can donate to people in need. Send us a picture of what you create. (10 items or more earns you 3 hours of community service and 10 points)

15. Doing something fun with your family? Show us what you’re doing! (2 points for a description or 4 points for a picture or video)

16. Tell us which classes or afterschool activities you miss. Why do you miss them? (2 points)

17. Want to talk about programming with a Librarian? Do you want to talk about book recommendations? Do you just want to talk? You can also reach us at the email listed above to set up a call or video call appointment with Ms. Melissa. (3 points)

18. Earn community service hours by writing about how social distancing can help benefit our community and the world as a whole. Why is it important? Send us a few sentences. (Earn an hour of community service and 5 points)

19. Do you want to spread any kind of message to other Georgetown teens? Send us something and we’ll post it to our instagram! (1 point)

20. What local restaurant or business do you miss most right now? Tell us why. (2 points)

Stay Healthy

21. Send a video of yourself staying active. Dance party anyone? (5 points) 

22. Write in a journal about how you’re feeling at this time. (3 points)

23. Tell us your number one goal for the week. (2 points, may be repeated weekly)

24. Did you eat anything yummy today? Send us a picture and tell us why you loved it. (2 points) 

25. Write five things you are grateful for and share it with us. (3 points) 

26. When things get tough, what word comes into your mind?  (1 point) 

27. Get outside! Send us a picture of your favorite nature spot. (4 points, may be repeated weekly) 

28. Animal love! Send us a picture of your pet. (2 points)

29. Make a bucket list of things to look forward to when social distancing has ended. (3 points) 

30. Tell us about your favorite healthy snack. Send us a picture. (2 points)

Stretch Your Brain

31. Read a book, comic, or article. Give us a few sentences of what it’s about and why you liked it or disliked it. (3 points, may be repeated daily) 

32. In your opinion,  what is the best song that has ever been written and why? (1 point) 

33. Write a paragraph about how your life has changed during this time. Tell us why you find it difficult, and what you’re doing to stay happy and healthy. (Earn an hour of community service and 5 points)

34. We want to see your homework (yes, we’re weirdos)! Send a picture of a completed homework assignment. (4 points) 

35. Not sure how to access books through the Libby app? Call the library during business hours (9 am – 5 pm) at 512-930-3551 for help. (1 point) 

36. Do you have any goals you would like to accomplish while you’re at home? Share some of your thoughts with us. (3 points) 

37. Have you gone down any Internet rabbit holes lately? Tell us what you’re interested in! (2 points)

38. What is your favorite memory? Tell us about it! (1 point. If you have a picture, earn 3 points) 

39. Describe some of your summer plans. What are you looking forward to most? (2 points) 

40. Check out the library’s online databases. Call the library during business hours (9 am – 5 pm) at 512-930-3551 if you need help learning how. 

Have Fun

41. We will be posting a question or challenge to our Instagram, @gt_teenspace, every day Monday – Friday. Pay attention, and participate! (3 points per question/challenge) 

42. Tell us what your favorite TikTok or YouTube video that you watched today was and why. (1 point) 

43. Tell us your song of the day. (1 point) 

44. If you’re eating ice cream, send us a picture! (2 points) 

45. Send us a picture of your OOTD (Outfit of the Day). (2 points) 

46. Do you love coffee? Hot chocolate? Send us a picture of what you’re drinking. (3 points) 

47. Compile a list of your favorite movies and/or shows and share them with us! Please include at least five titles. They will be posted to our Instagram. (3 points)

48. Any sport fans out there? Tell us your favorite team. (1 point)

49. Send us a picture of one item that you cannot live without! (2 points) 

50. What is your favorite food? (1 point if you tell us, 3 points if you send a picture)

Print the sheets below if you’d like to keep track on paper.