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Sherry Adamo: Variety, the Spice of Life Exhibit

GPL Variety Spice Exhibit 38/7/2017 – 9/1/2017

9/1/2017 • Fri | 4 – 6 PM

The art of Sherry Adamo will be on display at the Georgetown Public Library August 7-September 1 in an exhibit called “Variety, the Spice of Life.” The public is invited to meet the artist at a closing reception on Friday, September 1, from 4-6 pm.

Sherry Adamo began painting seriously almost 28 years ago in Los Angeles. She has also performed as an actress in professional theater from to New York to L.A., in film, TV, commercials, and voiceover work.

Ms. Adamo broke her leg at age 5, and when the cast came off some 9 months later, she dramatically thought that she must now limp. Her mother was having none of that. She enrolled Sherry in ballet classes immediately, and soon Sherry was solo dancing, and the limp was no longer a problem.

One-time actor, writer, and salesman Samuel Carl Adamo, Sherry’s father, was an Italian American from Rochester, New York. Sherry was born into a highly expressive extended family of musicians, artists, and gardeners. They encouraged her to sing, dance, create, and play.

Sherry was graduated from high school by 16, and attended the Pasadena Playhouse College of Theater Arts. Shortly after graduating, Sherry found herself in Manhattan and was quickly in three unions, making a living doing what she loved: acting in comedy, drama, and musicals.

Art became much more important to Sherry in 1989 when her husband, Dennis, now of forty years (also a professional actor/writer) became ill. While caring for him, and to pass the hours spent while he convalesced, they watched his favorite team, the Cleveland Indians, play. Sherry converted her garage to a bare bones art studio and re-taught herself to paint, starting with the subject of baseball. The many baseball cards her husband owned provided the perfect material for painting, as she became more interested about each player’s history on the back of the card.

Soon after, her father needed caregiving, and he loved abstract art so that became a favorite of Sherry’s with its ability to take her to new and unique places. The healing power of art (both doing it and viewing it) was important to Sherry and her family during that time.

Sherry became a member of five major arts organizations in L.A. exhibiting her art in galleries, corporate and public places, and eventually her own successful gallery, 4810 Klump. Sherry has shown her art here in Georgetown at the Roots Bistro, Tamiro Square Plaza, Franklin’s Jewelry, Legacy Hills Grille, Wildfire Restaurant, Stinger Gallery, the Georgetown Art Center, and other locations.

Sherry loves to paint different subjects from Southwestern themes to fish, the saints, abstract expressionism, flowers, nature, portraits, spiritual, and chakras, to assemblage which became a favorite, using found and re-purposed objects. Her chosen subject matter dictates what media will be used. She works in oil, watercolor, pastel, collage from found and hand made paper and ephemera, encaustic art (heated melted wax), mono-printing and photo-transfer.