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Public Use Computers and Internet Access

Computer workstations are available for connection to the Internet, children’s educational games, or to use word processing and spreadsheet software. Printing from these computers costs 10 cents per page.

Access to the computer workstations is available on a first-come, first-served basis. After registering, anyone may use a computer for a maximum of one hour per day. The same sign-up and use rules apply to the workstation computers in the Children’s room as in the main room. Printing also is available from these terminals for 10 cents per page.

Free wireless access to the Internet is available for persons who wish to use their personal laptop computers or other mobile devices in the library. A large seating area with surge-protected electrical connections is available on the second floor, near the reference desk. Food and beverage consumption is permitted in this area as well as all others areas of the library. Wireless printing is available by clicking the “Wireless Printing” icon on the left side of the library’s front webpage. Prints are 10 cents per page and may be picked up at the Information Desk on the main floor.

Due to the unrestricted environment of the Internet, information accessed on the Internet may contain material that is incorrect, inauthentic, unreliable, illegal, obscene or sexually explicit. Although the library does provide filters on specific computers, we assume no liability or responsibility for what is viewed by patrons or is left on the screen to be later viewed by a subsequent patron. Restriction or supervision of a child’s access to the Internet is the responsibility of the parent or guardian; the library does not have the right or responsibility to act in loco parentis. The Library expressly disclaims any liability or responsibility arising from access to or use of information obtained through its electronic information systems, or any consequences thereof.

This policy applies to all users of the Georgetown Public Library computers or networks. If you have any questions about the policy or what it means, please contact Eric Lashley, the Director, for more information.

Internet Use

Children’s use

It is the library’s policy that parents or legal guardians must assume responsibility for deciding what library resources are appropriate for their children. There will be some resources that parents may feel are inappropriate for their children. Some library computers are designated as children’s workstations. These workstations use filtering software to access the Internet. Since no filtering software can control access to all materials that an individual may deem inappropriate, parents should supervise their children’s Internet sessions.

Rules governing use

  • Children younger than 14 are to use the computer terminals in the children’s room, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Persons 14 and older are to use the computer terminals in the main reading room, unless accompanying a child.
  • Computers may be filtered for individuals under the age of 18.
  • Users must end their session and leave the terminal when asked to do so by Library staff.
  • Users may not install or download any software without express permission from Library staff.
  • Users may not use any library workstation for any illegal or criminal purpose.
  • Users may not make any attempt to damage computer equipment or software.
  • Users will not make any attempt to gain unauthorized access to restricted files or networks, or to damage or modify computer equipment or software.
  • Users may not violate copyright laws or software licensing agreements in their use of Library workstations or laptops.
  • Users may not engage in any activity that is deliberately and maliciously offensive, indecent, libelous, or slanderous.
  • Users will respect the privacy of other users, and will refrain from attempting to view or read material being used by others.
  • By mutual agreement, two persons may share one access session as long as their behavior or conversation does not disturb other users or Library staff.
  • Users may not harass staff or other patrons.

Should complaints be made regarding Internet usage, Library staff members are authorized to end a user’s session.

Violations may result in loss of access. Users are advised that due process will be used to handle violations of an illegal nature, including criminal prosecution, if necessary.

Internet training and help will be provided by Library staff on a limited basis. Users should ask at the Reference Desk for assistance.


The Georgetown Public Library seeks to protect the First Amendment rights of its patrons and their individual right to privacy. However, Internet users must be aware that workstations are in public areas and, therefore, images and text on the screen are subject to view by a wide audience. Users are cautioned that the Internet is not a secure environment. Personal information included in all transactions, files and communications may be subject to unauthorized access by third parties. The Georgetown Public Library respects the confidentiality of those using its electronic resources and will only release library records as required by law or for the Library’s operations.