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Introducing VOX Books


Check out our new audiobooks for children!  Listening to books is a great way to read together.  Studies show that read-alongs improve reading comprehension.

Print book, meet audio book. VOX Books are the world’s first audio books that live in print books. The permanently attached VOX Reader transforms an ordinary print book into an all-in-one read-along. There’s no need for computers, tablets or CDs. Children simply push a button to listen and read.

VOX Books combine outstanding picture books and non-fiction with audio recordings that capture children’s attention and make learning and literacy development fun.


  • Hardcover book with full audio recording. Simply push a button to listen and read, from beginning to end. Buttons to adjust the volume and move forward or back a page.
  • Speaker for parent + child or group listening plus earphone jack for individual use.
  • Fully portable read-along. No data or Wi-Fi required.