Photographs by Allen (Ike) Fordyce and Don Story


Exhibit January 8-March 2, 2018

Allen (Ike) Fordyce and Don Story present a selection of their photographs in the library’s first floor computer area. The exhibit will run from January 8-March 2, 2018, and includes “Rocky Mountain Elk,” above, by Don Story.

Allen (Ike) Fordyce has been involved with photography for many years and is presently a part of the Sun City Photography Club.  His interests are diverse: primarily landscape subjects but he says he has also had “a long affair with the abstract.”  He will present two black & white photos that he is famous for, as well as two color photos.

Don Story is an avid amateur photographer who has been learning and practicing the craft since age 12. He has a strong interest in photographing landscapes, wildlife, flowers and architecture. The photographs being exhibited are intended to share his vision and perspective on a sample of these subjects.