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Securities & Exchange Commission this is the archive for historical EDGAR documents. Here you will find everything from 1994 through 2018, except for the current date.

ThomasNet® Thomas Register, a searchable database of North American manufacturing companies and products, contains entries for more than 173,000 U.S. and Canadian companies, over 152,000 brand names, as well as links to over 8,000 online supplier catalogs and Web sites. Users can search by company, product, service, trade or brand name; and products are also indexed using over 72,000 product heading classifications to help users to define their searches. Once users have selected product headings and viewed the listings of companies within those headings, they can refine their searches by adding additional keywords or by limiting the results to a particular state or province. Results contain brief company profiles, and links to online catalogs, when available. Thomas Register is an invaluable resource for finding product suppliers and useful for locating manufacturing companies, distributors and suppliers.