Copyright Information

U.S. Copyright Office This site provides one-stop shopping for copyright information complete with all the forms and processing instructions for obtaining copyright protection. Information regarding copyright law and practices is provided in clear detail, including the complete text of the Copyright Offices Circulars, Brochures, and Factsheets. In addition, a catalog of copyright records is searchable back to 1978. Patrons may also submit an online request for a cost estimate for a search of all Copyright Office records, including earlier records not available online. The forms and basic instructions are also provided in Spanish.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office In line with its historic mission “to promote the progress of science and the useful arts by securing for limited times to inventors the exclusive right to their respective discoveries “, the PTO now offers the ability to investigate patents and trademarks on its web site. The site also provides information about applying for patents, careers with USPTO and in patent law, and intellectual property. “Special Pages for First Time Visitors” are available to help users get started. Appropriate forms and fee structures are available for those interested in securing their own patent or trademark. The search capabilities of the USPTO site provide access to unique and previously difficult-to-access information through a straightforward, clean interface. Further highlights of the USPTO site are the patent full-text and image databases, which contain the full-text of over 3,000,000 patents from 1976 to the present and limited bibliographic data for over 4,000,000 earlier patents, along with more than 70,000,000 full-page images of over 7,000,000 patents from 1790 forward. A TIFF plug-in is needed to see the full-page images, but the site links to free download sources of the plug-in.