Black History Month at the Library

February is Black History Month, a month in which we celebrate the heritage of Black people by uplifting, amplifying, and centering their voices.

The Library offers many items to enrich your experience of Black History Month. We encourage you to take part in the African American Read In, an initiative to read works by Black authors during the month of February. Consider any of the following lists, broken down by age group:

The ongoing event Tuesday Talks with Britin & Ann will have a special guest this month with local resident Paulette Taylor. To tie into this year’s national theme “The Black Family: Representation, Identity, Diversity,” the topic for this Tuesday Talks will be “Representation, Identity and Diversity Celebrated in Georgetown’s Track-Ridge-Grasshopper Neighborhood.” The Track-Ridge-Grasshopper Neighborhood has been home to members of Georgetown’s African-American community for more than 150 years, and we invite you to learn more about the neighborhood’s history as well as other community celebrations for Black History Month. Click here to attend the talk.

Paulette Taylor is a longtime educator and lifetime Georgetown resident. Ms. Taylor is President of the Georgetown Citizens and Cultural Memorial Association (GCCMA), which exists to educate, preserve, and celebrate African American history and culture. GCCMA fulfills its mission by partnering with religious, educational, civic and other organizations to provide for the youth of all citizens in Georgetown, Texas.

For more local resources and history, check out these links:

Williamson Museum: local museum featuring history from the surrounding area. The “Heritage and Horizons: The Black Legacy of Williamson County” exhibit will open on Feb. 10. The exhibit, which celebrates Black individuals, families and groups who were integral to the history of Williamson County, runs through Aug. 1, 2022. For more information about the exhibit, as well as additional museum events, visit

Article based on the book Histories of Pride: Thirteen Pioneers Who Shaped Georgetown’s African American Community.

GCCMA: Georgetown Citizens and Cultural Memorial Association will be hosting several book discussions this month.

Shotgun House: local historical site

Preserving History mural

African American History Month site