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Summer Program Wrap Up

We want to extend a great big cosmic thank you to everyone who participated in our Summer Program!  This summer the challenge to fill Planet GPL and it’s moon with pom poms was astronomically successful.  The pom poms represented the number of hours read this summer which totaled 5,500 hours!  Congratulations and fantastic job to all the kids, grownups, and aliens out there.  That number is out of this world and we hope everyone had a blast reading and doing the extra stellar challenges.

The winners of the grand prize baskets were:

  • Torrey –  Ages 0-4
  • Theao – Ages 5-8
  • Ava – Ages 9-12

Even though the summer program is over we hope you keep reading and keep visiting the library.  Come by to say hi, play, and check out materials.

Thank you again everyone for an amazing summer!